imma stool 11-033

Stephan Hürlemann, 2023

With imma, the classic cross-frame chair becomes a variable modular system. The solid cross construction replaces the surrounding frame and, together with the bent rear feet, creates a high degree of stability.

As the seat is screwed on at a distance, it appears to float and can be easily replaced. The 3D moulded plywood of the seat and backrest gives it a light appearance. Apart from being available as a chair, with or without armrests, imma is produced as a stool in three different seat heights. Finishes are possible in Horgenglarus black, natural beech, oak and ash, stained in various shades of brown, opaquely lacquered in one of the 13 colours from the collection or any freely selectable combination - both single-coloured and two-coloured. The chair can be equipped with conventional upholstery or all models with a natural wool-felt covering.

Wooden frame with cross, 
moulded plywood seat 
W33, T33, SH46




Natural beech HG 520
Natural ash HG 570
Natural oak HG 530
White beech HG 330
Light grey beech HG 340
Grey beech HG 350
Black beech HG 203
Anthracite beech HG 200
Black oak HG 580
Ash stained HG 535
Ebony beech HG 100
Wenge beech HG 110
Mahagony beech HG 130
Maron beech HG 120
Nut beech HG 151
Whitewashed beech HG 172
Beech colored
Desired colour on reques