Visit to the foundry chur

The cast iron table legs for our collection have long been produced by the Chur foundry using sand casting. The Chur foundry has a great deal of knowledge and experience in this traditional craft that only a few people in Switzerland can master.

Architecture and sacral

On June 5, 2019, we invited together with the AIT-Dialog to the theme evening "Architecture and Sacral" at the Stadtpalais Stuttgart. Many renowned architects and interior designers accepted our invitation and let themselves be informed and inspired by the lectures given by Michael Ragaller (schleicher.ragaller Architekten) on the conversion and renovation of the St. Fidelis church and Stefan Kamm (Kamm Architekten) on the St. Peter community centre project.

Prof. Martin Ebert (Studio Meda London) introduced the guests to the dom chair programme, which he designed in 2014 for the cathedral in Hildesheim. The Hildesheim Cathedral was our first major project in which this chair range, specially developed for sacred buildings, was used. Since then we have further developed the dom chair together with Martin Ebert. We were also able to supply the dom chair to the St. Peter community centre presented by Stefan Kamm.