making of "Riesen mit Zwerg"

designers' saturday 2016

The installation "Giants with Dwarf"  of designer Stephan Hürlemann is dedicated to Hans Bellmann (1911–1990). horgenglarus, Switzerland’s oldest manufacturer of tables and chairs, closely collaborated with the Swiss architect and designer Hans Bellmann for a long time and produced many of his ideas. The einpunktstuhl has been part of their product range since 1951, the year it was created. On Designers’ Saturday 2016, horgenglarus will present three updated Hans Bellmann designs—the ga stuhl (also called two-shell chair), the stapeltischchen and the ateliertisch. The moveable characters of the “Giants and Dwarf” installation consist of chair and table parts from the horgenglarus components archive and also include individual pieces from Bellmann drafts. The characters pay homage to the string puppets created by the “Staatliches Bauhaus” art school, where Hans Bellmann studied from 1931 to 1933 and received one of their last diplomas before this influential educational institution in Germany had to close its doors.