SitzKULTUR HorgenGlarus

SitzKULTUR HorgenGlarus (seat CULTURE)—that is the name of the project developed by the Horgen culture fund together with us, focusing on exhibiting horgenglarus and Horgen’s longest dinner table.

Horgen’s longest dinner table took place on 7 September 2019 and was a massive success. A beautifully set table awaited the people from Horgen for dinner. They had to bring their own chairs—a horgenglarus chair, of course. And they arrived in large numbers! We were amazed at the fantastic chairs people brought with them, some of them rare examples that were scrutinised, and it was investigated how they came to be in the possession of their present owners.

The food included specialities from the canton of Glarus, such as grilled Chalberwurst from veal and other tasty ingredients, excellent Zigerhörnli (a far cry from mac n cheese), followed for desert by the famous Glarus version of mince pies, but made from puff pastry and filled with damson jam or an almond mix, and mineral water from Elm. We would like to extend a heartfelt Thank you! to the canton of Glarus and the Glarus businesses that provided the food.

The occasion fully met the objectives of Horgen’s culture association, the people from Horgen engaged with each other at this social event, and the culture fund was able to call attention to an interesting and successful industrial history, living on in the name of our manufacture. The reason being that people often ask why we have a double-barrelled name, so Horgen is present with us every single day.

The exhibition about horgenglarus’ history, which started in 1880 in Horgen with Emil Baumann’s joinery, and shows the milestones of our manufacture’s development, will be hosted by the Schinzenhof Galerie in Horgen until 4 December 2019. Hubertus Adam, art and architecture historian, has curated the exhibition; Susanne Kohte, SUKO Architektur, Cologne, Germany, was responsible for its composition.

braiding a craftsmanship

Not only the bending of wood is part of our craftsmanship, but also the weaving of seat and back surfaces is part of it. With great craftsmanship and only a few tools, traditional Jonc weaves are produced in our manufactory. These give the chairs a slightly springy sitting feeling and are as modern today as they were then.