Unsere Schweizer Design Ikonen in München

With Ica Bally as the guest of honour, we opened a small exquisite exhibition on grand Swiss designs yesterday at böhmler im tal in Munich. Ica Bally, the 95-year old widow of the architect and designer Jürg Bally who designed the famous ess.tee.tisch table in 1951, related the history of the ess.tee.tisch table at first hand to the media representatives attending the event and, having witnessed an important era in design, she told them about the spirit of optimism in the 1950s. Bally’s design is the focal point of the exhibition and demonstrates that Swiss design has created some iconic chairs, but very few iconic tables like the ess.tee.tisch table.

The ess.tee.tisch table met with great interest and the lifting mechanism that the Swiss engineer and designer Daniel Hunziker further developed and perfected in 500 working hours was closely examined and discussed by the guests invited in the evening, including many architects.

böhmler will continue to exhibit classics and innovations from the history of horgenglarus in the pavilion of the böhmler Passage until the beginning of September.


Copyright: böhmler/Marcus Hassler

restore and refresh

In spring, nature awakens and shows itself again in a fresh dress. Even your chairs and tables with too much patina can regain their old freshness through our experienced hands. With a lot of sensitivity and experience, your jewellery will be restored and refreshed by us and will shine in competition with nature.