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The purpose of this website is to inform about our company and its services. When the user accesses this website, ag möbelfabrik horgenglarus (hereinafter referred to as "horgenglarus") does not enter into any kind of contractual relationship with the user. The published tools constitute neither a request for proposal nor an offer. horgenglarus strives to keep the contents on of this website up to date, complete, and correct.
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E-mails are exchanged using an open cross-border network that is accessible to anyone. E-mails are not encrypted. Therefore, we cannot rule out that data sent in this way can be viewed by third parties, enabling them to retrace the process of contacting horgenglarus. Data privacy horgenglarus reserves the right to capture and evaluate electronically received personal data for our own marketing purposes. In so doing, we comply with the provisions of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and refrain from forwarding those data to third parties.
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