epos 6-775a

Hannes Wettstein, 2007

epos is our ultimate in comfort and comes from our substantial lyra family.

epos is our ultimate in comfort. The armchair has comfortable classic belt upholstery in its seat and back as well as full-length armrests. The bold sweeps of its three-dimensionally shaped backrest and rear legs give distinction to its unobtrusive elegance.
The pinnacle of sophisticated furnishings. epos comes from our substantial lyra family so offers the perfect combination options.

Upholstered chair, seat and back with comfort upholstery, rear of back 3D moulded plywood, legs and rear cross-brace solid bentwood, not stackable
W59, D57, H82, SH47, ALH67



Hg 520 buche dsm 40x21 Natural beech HG 520
Hg 560 schwarznuss dsm 40x21 gausch 0 5 Natural black walnut HG 560
Hg 330 weiss dsm 40x21 White beech HG 330
Hg 340 hellgrau dsm 40x21 Light grey beech HG 340
Hg 350 grau dsm 40x21 Grey beech HG 350
Hg 203 schwarz o lack dsm 40x21 Black beech HG 203
Hg 200 anthrazit o lack dsm 40x21 Anthracite beech HG 200
Hg 100 ebony o lack dsm 40x21 Ebony beech HG 100
Hg 110 wenge o lack dsm 40x21 Wenge beech HG 110
Hg 130 mahagoni o lack dsm 40x21 Mahagony beech HG 130
Hg 120 maron o lack dsm 40x21 Maron beech HG 120
Hg 151 nuss o lack dsm 40x21 Maron beech HG 151
Hg 172 bu geweisst dsm 40x21 Whitewashed beech HG 172
Desired colour on reques