lounge esprit 6-695a

Hannes Wettstein, 2007

lounge is the comfortable evolution of the compact, straight miro chair. The bold sweeps of backrest and rear legs give distinction to its geometry.

The armchair with its warm minimalism continues the factual language of the horgenglarus collection into the 21st century. The bold sweeps of backrest and rear legs give distinction to its geometry. Thanks to a variety of seat widths, depths and heights as well as materials, the lounge is suited for a wide range of purposes and architectural styles. A staff canteen needs a different type of armchair than a café, bistro, or fine-dining restaurant. A council chamber or boardroom makes other demands than a hotel room or a private dining room. Larger hotels, restaurants, or administrative offices often combine more than one usage type in one building. lounge's end-to-end design line offers a large variety of functions. The seat's comfort level varies from cushion to very comfortable belt upholstery.
lounge has character and identity. The warm and natural appeal of its wood makes lounge a beautiful contrast to modern corporate architecture. In traditional buildings, its wood links to the building's history whereas its streamlined shape references the present. lounge embodies the core competency of horgenglarus' unique wood-bending techniques and impresses with its inherent solidity.
In 2008, lounge was showcased on the Swiss Designers’ Saturday with an installation made from rustling leafs. lounge is one of the last designs by Hannes Wettstein.

Chair, seat with comfort upholstery, moulded plywood back, upholstered on the front, legs and rear cross-brace solid bentwood, stackable
W59, D63, H75, SH41, ALH61



Hg 520 buche dsm 40x21 Natural beech HG 520
Hg 530 eiche dsm 40x21 00 Natural oak HG 530
Hg 560 schwarznuss dsm 40x21 gausch 0 5 Natural black walnut HG 560
Hg 330 weiss dsm 40x21 White beech HG 330
Hg 340 hellgrau dsm 40x21 Light grey beech HG 340
Hg 350 grau dsm 40x21 Grey beech HG 350
Hg 203 schwarz o lack dsm 40x21 Black beech HG 203
Hg 200 anthrazit o lack dsm 40x21 Anthracite beech HG 200
Hg 580 esche schwarz dsm 40x21 Black ash / oak HG 580
Hg 535 ei raeuchereiche dsm 40x21 Stained smoked oak HG 535
Hg 100 ebony o lack dsm 40x21 Ebony beech HG 100
Hg 110 wenge o lack dsm 40x21 Wenge beech HG 110
Hg 130 mahagoni o lack dsm 40x21 Mahagony beech HG 130
Hg 120 maron o lack dsm 40x21 Maron beech HG 120
Hg 151 nuss o lack dsm 40x21 Maron beech HG 151
Hg 172 bu geweisst dsm 40x21 Whitewashed beech HG 172
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